Everything you need to know about Monaco’s health pass

Monaco Info

The Prince’s Government has released further details about the health pass, helping us get one step closer to normal life in the Principality.

Like many other countries, Monaco has created their version of a health pass. Named the “Monaco Safe Pass”, it will prove a person is either vaccinated, fully recovered from Covid or has tested negative.

Who is eligible for the pass?

  • Anyone fully vaccinated after the 5 July will receive the health pass on site following the administration of the vaccines. They will receive a paper document (containing a QR code) to confirm their vaccination. A digital version will also be available.
  • Anyone taking a PCR test after the 5 July will receive their results in the normal way i.e via a text message.
  • People vaccinated before the 5 July, or who tested positive before this date, should apply for their pass via the following website: All requests are then processed by the vaccination centre. From the 5 July onwards, you should receive an email containing your Covid passport, or go to the Auditorium Rainier III to collect a paper copy.

If asked to present your pass at any point, you must have the QR code on you. Whoever needs to scan will do so on an app, which will flash green, to prove you have the right to own the pass.

Who can enter the Principality from abroad?

Dependent on the place you are travelling from, different criteria will apply.

If you’re coming from a green list country, you either need to prove you are fully vaccinated, have recovered from Covid-19 or show a negative PCR test.

For amber list countries, you either need to be full vaccinated, have a negative PCR test or prove you have recovered from the virus.

In terms of red list countries, you must have an exceptional reason for entering the Principality, as well as a negative PCR test. You must also isolate for seven days upon arrival.

Anyone arriving from further afield than the Alpes-Maritimes department in France or Imperia in Italy, must show a health pass (or equivalent) in order to stay in hotels or enter restaurants and bars.