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Parking in Monaco: all you need to know

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Whether you are a tourist, employee or resident, we can tell you where to find a spot, and at what price.

For aesthetic reasons in particular, there is little on-street parking in Monaco. In fact, there are only 1000 places available. Apart from free parking for electric cars and for all motorists on Sundays (on-street only), the usual rate is €2.40 per hour, payable directly at the parking metres or via the PayByPhone and Monapass applications. You should also be aware that the maximum parking time is two hours in most neighbourhoods. Fee-paying car parks are therefore the best option.


Where to park in Monaco?

The Annonciade, the Grimaldi Forum, the Jardin Exotique… Around forty public car parks and nearly 20,000 parking bays are dotted around the Principality.  An interactive map lets you see where spots are free, in real time. Enter the desired location and the intended parking time, and it will show the nearest car park by means of a flashing blue dot.

Interactive map screenshot  © Monaco Parkings

For tourists who wish to visit the Prince’s Palace or the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, the best option is the Parking des Pêcheurs, for example.

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A banner on the right also shows a full list of all car parks. To make it even easier, the street from which the car park can be accessed and a prediction of the number of remaining spaces are also provided.

Car park rates

With the exception of six specific car parks (the two park-and-ride facilities and the Abbaye, Place d’Armes, Les Oliviers and Bellevue car parks), all Monaco car parks charge the same rates.

You don’t have to pay anything if you stay for under an hour. However, charges are 2.70 euros for 1hr15, €4.20 for 1hr30, €5.70 for 1hr45 and 7 euros for 2 hours. There is a sliding scale of charges, with 3 hours of parking costing 11 euros, and €14.50 for 4 hours…

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Prices are lower at night – between 7pm and 8am –  at €0.70 per hour. For 24-hour parking, the price is 20 euros. Lost tickets incur a flat charge of 25 euros per day.

Please note: entry is not free on Saturdays or Sundays, the weekend rates are the same as those charged during the week.

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Screenshot of 16/12/2022 Journal de Monaco © Journal de Monaco

Monthly subscriptions

For more peace of mind, it is possible to rent a parking bay in a public car park in Monaco. Convenient, but as L’Observateur de Monaco reports, 10,000 applications are currently pending. Priority is given to Monegasque residents who do not have private parking in their building.

Principality employees can also apply. Priority is given to drivers who drive electric vehicles and/or have a carpooling subscription.

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Rates were increased for the new year, with monthly subscriptions as follows: for Principality residents, the subscription is €112.50 per month in 2023 (compared to €107.50 in 2022) excluding discounts.

For employees, the 2023 subscription charge is €98  (€93.50 in 2022) per month, for 300 hours of parking. Civil servants and government employees also benefit from a discount. Finally, for employees who have a season ticket in a park-and-ride facility (details below), a discount of €42 is applied. The season ticket therefore costs €56.

Park-and-ride facilities are cheaper

The aim of park-and-ride facilities (also known as city entrance car parks) is simple: to ensure that as many motorists as possible park on the outskirts and therefore ease congestion on the Principality’s roads. For the moment, the only park-and-ride facility near Monaco is the Zac Saint-Antoine in Cap d’Ail. Another is planned for 2024, at the Jardin Exotique.

Commuters and visitors will have the choice of travelling to their place of work or elsewhere between: buses with a free pass, or the Salines walkway which, once completed, will enable them to reach Princess Grace Hospital and Fontvieille on foot.

Without the free pass as mentioned above, the park-and-ride facility is still cheaper : 4 euros per two-hour period, compared to 7 euros in a ‘normal’ car park.

The new Les Salines car park

Mainly designed for employees, Les Salines car park (opened on 15 April 2024) is a welcome addition for the Principality. Located on the western side of Monaco, this car and bike park, but also bus station, electric charging point and car wash, consists of the following over fifteen levels:

  • A total of 1,790 parking spaces for light vehicles.
  • 100 Monaco ON electric charging points.
  • 33 spaces for people with reduced mobility.
  • 5 Mobee spaces.
  • 100 spaces for motorbikes, including 15 for electric bikes.
  • Two bike stations with 63 MonaBikes (at levels -1 and -15).
  • A washing area using recycled water.
  • A siding area for buses and coaches, day and night.
  • Two express shuttles and Monaco Bus Company route #2, which serve the Monte-Carlo and La Condamine neighbourhoods.
  • The Galerie des Salines, which connects the Exotic Garden to Avenue Pasteur, enabling you to access Monaco’s Cemetery or the new Princess Grace Hospital on foot in just a few minutes.
© Communication Department / Manuel Vitali

For cars, there is:

  • An entrance and exit on the Boulevard du Jardin Exotique.
  • An entrance as you come from the moyenne Corniche, at the entrance to the Albert II tunnel.
  • An exit from an off ramp just after the Exotique, as you head towards Nice.
  • An entrance and exit at Boulevard de Belgique and Avenue Pasteur.

On foot, you will see:

  • 3 pedestrian exits at the top, one of which is by the Exotique building.
  • An exit from the bottom, by the Galerie des Salines.

Prices :

  • A flat rate of €7.50 per half-day and €11 for a whole day.
  • Please note that the car park only offers 15 minutes free of charge, as it is mainly a park-and-ride facility.
  • The 300 hours per month pass costs 51 euros (-50% compared to other car parks) and the CAM pass is free.
  • 10 free CAM tickets when you show your parking ticket, leaving from the Les Salines bus stop, which means a carload of 5 passengers can make a round trip to the city centre with the express shuttles or the #2 bus.




Artificial intelligence in car parks… 

While number plate scanning has been in operation for more than ten years at the entrances and exits to most Monegasque car parks, new artificial intelligence sensors should be appearing in the coming months. The aim is to eventually do away with paper tickets.