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Exhibition brings Japan to Monaco

La loggia by Garbarino

The Garbarino Interior Design architecture firm is holding the Reiwa exhibition, dedicated to the all things Japanese.

Fancy a new look for your interior?  Why not opt for a Japanese touch?  The La Loggia by Garbarino concept store will be hosting the Reiwa exhibition until 28 February.  It was designed by David Garbarino, in partnership with Visionnaire Home Philosophy, the Librairie Masséna and several Japanese craftsmen.

David drew inspiration from the work of his father, Adriano Garbarino, who, in turn, has long been inspired by Japanese art, when designing the Reiwa exhibition. The name means “beautiful harmony” in Japanese. It is an opportunity for him to explore Japanese craftsmanship, from the Middle Ages to the present day.

From Samurai armour to screens, from kimonos to “suzuri-bako” (ink boxes), Japan is depicted on many different scales. Purchases will even be wrapped in the “furoshiki” style, i.e. in a folded and knotted fabric, so as to avoid waste.

To visit or purchase:

La Loggia by Garbarino

40 Boulevard des Moulins

98000 MONACO