Maison Pierre Frey open to public for first time – and it’s in Monaco

Alain Duprat

The Fashion For Floors showroom on Boulevard des Moulins is showcasing an exceptional partnership between Maison Frey and another great family from the Principality… 

It’s a meeting of two family histories. On the one hand, the Moghadam family, known in the Principality for its magnificent carpets. On the other, the Frey family, renowned for furnishing fabrics.

It is really no coincidence that Kamyar Moghadam and Vincent Frey decided to work together, and the unique fruit of their partnership has been installed in the Fashion For Floors mansion at 39 boulevard des Moulins.

Beautiful carpets, fabrics and wallpapers complement each other in the showroom, with quality and attention to detail as a common theme, along with entirely bespoke, French-made, comfortable furniture.

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“Even though our Maison is almost 90 years old, this is a new adventure for us,” says Vincent Frey. “We have showrooms all over the world, but they are reserved for professionals. (…) This is the first time we have been in a showroom that is open to the public!”

Come and see the beautiful seating, especially the pieces in wool or mohair, at Fashion For Floors. Unique and elegant pieces, which, as an added bonus, are designed to last: “This may be unique to family businesses in the luxury sector, but what matters to us is to make furniture that will last. We don’t want to make furniture that gets replaced in five years’ time, but furniture that your family members will live with and that they will pass down for years to come,” says Vincent Frey.