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Car Legendary Monaco: unearthing exceptional vehicles

Tarek Fourati, pictured here next to a Ferrari LaFerrari, founded Car Legendary Monaco in 2021. © Car Legendary Monaco

He works alone and makes hypercar lovers happy… In 2021, Tarek Fourati started working in Monaco, offering wealthy customers a bespoke search for rare vehicles. 

Specifically, Tarek Fourati helps make his customers’ dream car a reality. On paper, this is called “support and brokerage in the purchase and sale of vehicles.” The core of his business is this personalised vehicle search, for which his customers can pay several thousand euros. The service, which is unique in Monaco, only began two years ago.


A unique service

There are plenty of dealerships and garages in the Principality, but what I wanted to offer did not exist,” he explains. He was attracted to the Principality because of the lack of “competition,” unlike in France. But not only. “The country also has many lovers of beautiful cars.” Tarek Fourati set up Car Legendary Monaco in August 2021, after obtaining approval from the Monegasque authorities, and began to deliver his virtually unique services.

Tarek Fourati with a BMW M850i delivered to a customer on Port Hercule © Car Legendary Monaco

In the intervening two years, several million euros’ worth of hypercars have passed through his company. And among the car models purchased by his customers: a Ferrari LaFerrari, of which only 500 were produced, a Ferrari Daytona SP3, with 599 models made in 2023, or the iconic Porsche Carrera GT, a supercar that was unveiled over 20 years ago by the German car maker, infamous for being the vehicle in which actor Paul Walker died in 2013.

A turnkey service

In concrete terms, Tarek Fourati finds the very best deals. Not financially speaking, but rather because they are exceptional vehicles. “A customer asks me to find a certain vehicle, which is often difficult to get, and I take care of everything.”

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Three months to find a €1,000,000 car is a good result

Picking up the vehicle and dealing with the import formalities is part of his company’s role. But the most difficult task comes beforehand: sourcing the car. “I can spend days on Instagram trying to spot the model my client wants. If I find it, I can get in touch and hope to trace it back to the owners,” says Tarek Fourati. Which is how the entrepreneur builds up a network. And the reason for this investment is the value of the vehicles he is looking for. “It ranges from €500,000 to several million. Three months to find a €1,000,000 car is a good result,” he says by way of an example.

The last step, depending on the client’s requirements, is for Tarek Fourati to deliver the car. He remembers a delivery on the Port Hercule in front of a buyer’s yacht. A Rolls Royce, just imported from France, which Car Legendary Monaco was asked to source. Tarek Fourati adds that no matter what cars are being sought, the customer “pays nothing until he has it.” “I really want to offer a complete service, from A to Z, concluding with handing the keys over to the client. It only remains for them to pick up the vehicle registration document, all the necessary paperwork having been taken care of beforehand.”

Mostly Monegasque customers

The majority of my clients are people who don’t have the time to deal with this, they prefer to pay for a service rather than risk being scammed,” explains Tarek Fourati. Profiles include Monegasque entrepreneurs as well as several “older people who want to treat themselves.” Although Car Legendary Monaco also delivers vehicles in Paris and even abroad, the largest clientele is from Monaco: “It is a small territory and there has been a lot of word of mouth, which has helped me.”

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Tarek Fourati works alone in Monaco. An effective way to “better select future purchases.” This is also why the entrepreneur does not intend to over-develop in the Principality. In parallel, one good idea begets another. Why not Fly Legendary? A similar service, but specific to aviation. Tarek Fourati has already looked at this other niche market and should make the creation of this second branch of his business official in the coming weeks.

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