“Individual actions simply not enough,” warns Prince Albert at UN in Geneva

Prince Albert II spoke at the Young Activists Summit, an event organised in at the Palace of Nations in Geneva, which brought together participants from 144 countries on 16 November 2023 - ┬ę Young Activists Summit / Pierre Albouy

The Sovereign gave an interview during his trip to Switzerland last week. 


The Prince first introduced his Foundation, created in 2006, and its environmental actions in the fields of protection of biodiversity, preservation of water sources, and climate change. “For example, there is an initiative in the Mediterranean to preserve freshwater ecosystems. We have joined that initiative and we are trying to create a network that will improve freshwater ecosystems around the Mediterranean basin,” he said in an interview on the United Nations Geneva’s social media.

In Geneva to present awards to five young activists, he said: “Climate change activism is extremely important as well, but everything is linked to create a better world, and a better future for our planet. And so, young leaders are absolutely essential to get the word out. Knowledge, education, and science are important and that will be the driving force to find and implement the best solutions for the future.”

According to the Sovereign, it is a matter of involving as many people as possible, but not only that. “We need to act all together. Individual actions are simply not enough,” he said in conclusion.