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Sass’ Café involved in Monaco pimping case

Sass’ Café is popular with celebrities - © Sass Café Monaco

The closing arguments of both the prosecution and defence were expected on Thursday. 

Frequented by local and international stars such as Lady Gaga, Johnny Hallyday and Cristiano Ronaldo, the Sass’ Café on Princess Grace Avenue is in turmoil.


Among the eight defendants summoned before the criminal court on Wednesday this week, is the current manager of the restaurant/nightclub, Samuel Treves, the son of the founder, Sassa Treves. He is accused of having set up an “institutionalised policy” regarding prostitutes who frequent the establishment, and therefore, as reported by our colleagues from Monaco-Matin, gaining higher turnover “through drinks and tips paid into a shared ‘kitty’.” 

The Portuguese citizen in his forties risks a fine of €9,000 to €18,000, and between 6 months and 3 years in prison, for procuring. He appeared in court along with seven other defendants, all on the same charges, except for a man who is also accused of drug offences and a woman who is also charged with money laundering.

“My name has been sullied”

As Monaco-Matin reveals, the case came out in 2020, following anonymous witness statements. While these were about drug trafficking, the investigating officers suspected procuring was involved. In the magistrates’ view, the offence had indeed been committed, and they remanded the eight accused parties before the court for allegedly aiding, abetting or acting as an intermediary for sex workers. The court hearing began on Wednesday 3 April and is due to end on Friday 5 April.

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In his defence, as reported by the Monegasque daily, Samuel Treves said: “I am not a pimp. I am a good person, a hard-working businessman, my name has been sullied.” Also according to Monaco-Matin, prostitutes have been barred from the Sass’ Café since the beginning of the case.

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