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Princess Stephanie presents insignia to four new Carabinieri

Princess Stephanie presenting the insignia to apprentice Carabinieri © Communication Depratment / Frédéric Nebinger

The Prince of Monaco’s new Carabinieri experienced the highlight of their career to date as they received their insignia. From Princess Stephanie herself!

The helicopter landing pad at the Moneghetti Barracks was the stage for a solemn and moving event on June 21. Princess Stephanie, Patron of the Prince’s Riflemen, presented the Corps insignia to the four new recruits from the «Louis Nattareu» promotion.


After a welcoming address by Lieutenant-Colonel Martial Pied, Head of the Corps, the review of the troops and presentation of the company’s Pennant, the recruits received their Corps insignia, blessed by Father Christian Venard, the Public Forces’ Chaplain. The ceremony was rounded off in style, with the Monegasque Anthem performed by the Prince’s Carabinieri Orchestra and all the military personnel.

Commander Martial Pied, new Head of the Carabinieri Corps

Total dedication

The four students have almost reached their goal, which is to serve the Princely Family with «Honour, Loyalty and Devotion to duty», the Corps motto. They will take up their posts on July 1st, and officially swear the oath of allegiance to Prince Albert II and his family a few days later, on 8 July 2024.

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New recruits will be joining the ranks of the Carabinieri in September 2024 © Communication Department / Frédéric Nebinger

And for those who want to follow the same path, the new recruitment session is already underway! In order to become one of the Prince’s Carabinieri, applicants must be of French or Monegasque nationality, aged 19 to 27, single and between 1.80 m and 2 metres tall. They must have a clean criminal record, no visible tattoos and hold a B-category manual driving licence. The entrance exams will take place during September.

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