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Gambler loses €2500 at Casino de Monte-Carlo then assaults partner

The incident took place inside the Casino de Monte-Carlo © Monaco Tribune/ Niels Linden

According to the woman, this was not the first time.

Gambling can be dangerous, and not just financially. A restaurant manager from Nice has been sentenced by the Principality’s criminal court to six months’ in prison and is banned from Monaco for five years. The 41-year-old man was convicted of domestic violence committed at the Casino de Monte-Carlo. The events date back to March 23, 2024.


It all started as a simple evening out

The couple had gone to the casino to spend the evening. Unfortunately, things didn’t go to plan and the man lost a total of €2,500 over the course of the evening.

A gambling addict, he then asked his partner to take out €2,000 in cash so that he could carry on playing and make up his losses. When she firmly refused, he lost his temper and violently assaulted her.

He struck her and pinned her against a wall by the throat, causing her to sustain a head injury and bruising. A Monte-Carlo Casino security guard had to step in to separate them. Her injuries and condition resulted in three full days of temporary incapacity to work. According to the prosecutor, the man “blew a fuse because he was a gambling addict.”

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The victim stated that this was not the first time he had been violent towards her. She also claimed that he had made death threats to her, which the man contested, although he did not deny the other accusations. The previous time was allegedly in Nice, in the street. French police reportedly stopped the violence and urged the couple to return to their respective homes.

Multiple identities and a long criminal record

While the man’s criminal record was clean in Monaco, it is not in France. Quite the contrary. Under eight different identities, he appeared before a number of courts in France, in Limoges, Bordeaux and Toulon for several acts of violence, smuggling goods and narcotics, and drink-driving. As well as all these convictions, he was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment for failing to comply with his community service obligations.

While the prosecutor requested a six month sentence, including a 2-month incarceration, the judges decided otherwise. He was sentenced to a six month custodial sentence and is banned from Monaco for five years.

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