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In brief

Monegasque doctor launches Mata, AI capable of revolutionising medical imaging

The Mata platform is already available in five languages © Mata

The medical chatbot is the first innovation by Mata, a company run by a radiologist from Monaco.

Dr Hala Jenoudet launched her first ever innovation in response to the exponential increase in the volume of medical imaging examinations, which increases workload and the risk of human error and missed diagnoses. It is a multilingual chatbot that uses generative AI to assist healthcare professionals.


“With Mata, our ambition is to help improve the quality of care on a global scale. French medicine has always been a benchmark in the French-speaking world. We want to go further. By using artificial intelligence based on natural language processing (NLP), we now have an opportunity to transcend language barriers and promote French medicine in other parts of the world. Equal access to quality care is a core value at Mata,” said Dr. Jenoudet.

A host of benefits

Mata aims to improve the daily lives of professionals and patients. As well as helping make faster and more accurate diagnoses, the revolutionary platform improves quality of care by automating certain tasks and providing reliable and accurate analysis. Also, it provides access to modern care throughout the world. With Mata, all patients can enjoy better quality care.

The tool can be accessed by interns, young doctors and all other healthcare professionals via a monthly or annual subscription. And at a competitive price. Its beta version, which is already available, includes over 60,000 clinical cases.

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Dr Hala Jenoudet is a graduate in business strategy and finance at HEC Paris, as well as in data science at ESCP Paris.