Luxe Pack Monaco Exhibition now on at Grimaldi Forum

Creative packaging exhibition runs from 1st to 3rd October at Grimaldi Forum

The 31st edition of the international packaging conference Luxe Pack is now underway. Kicking off yesterday, the programme encompasses more than 470 exhibitors showcasing an incredible range of packaging, formulation and digital solutions products, with 47 companies exhibiting for the first time this year. The exhibition is free to all industry professionals who request a badge before 12pm on Wednesday 3rd October and costs €60 thereafter.

The event represents the biggest platform for creative packaging products anywhere in the world and is set to feature the cutting edge in packaging solutions, including technological innovations such as 3D printing, eco-design and smart packaging ideas. Last year, the exhibition received an incredible 9,200 visitors, over half of which came from overseas to attend the event. As a springboard for new ideas, Luxe Pack traditionally sees around 300 new products introduced into the market every year.

While all kinds of packaging products will be on show, a significant portion of the exhibition is given up to the beauty and cosmetics sector. This year, behemoths of the industry such as Cosmogen, Dior and Chanel are expected to showcase their latest range, while there is also plenty of room for smaller outfits. For example, an indie brand conference is scheduled for Tuesday morning, where companies such as Galinée and Merci Handy will take to the floor.

This year’s conference will also look to the future by focusing on several key aspects of modern packaging. These include sharing insights around how to achieve sustainable development with regards to packaging, incorporating digital and interconnected solutions into packaging products and maintaining the natural feel of a product in an increasingly technological world. Pink polo shirted helpers will be on hand to provide advice or direction to anyone who needs it.

For anyone studying or working in the creative packaging sector, Luxe Pack is a veritable feast of ideas, inspirations and networking opportunities. The event takes place from Monday to Wednesday this week from 9am to 6pm (only 5pm on Wednesday) at the Grimaldi Forum on avenue Princesse Grâce. Interested parties are advised to request a badge online prior to arriving on the site to avoid disappointment.