Monegasque resident to travel to space in 2020!


Thanks to the historic accord between Axiom Space and SSI Monaco, a resident of Monaco will be selected to travel to space by 2020. The mission will take the person to the international space station, and symbolically, a bit of Monaco will go with them!

Monaco is taking a great leap forward, or rather, upward! Following the launch of its satellite Monacostat (with a second not far behind), there will be at least one slot dedicated to the international space station dedicated to “one or more residents or citizens of Monaco.”┬áThis agreement was made with Texas-based company Axiom Space, who has already begun promoting its space tourism services.

Monaco looking up and out at the future


This official news comes after Axiom Space, the private company who will build the first non-governmental space station, signed an official accord with SSI Monaco. The director, Dr. Ilhami Aygun commented: “Aside from it being a great honor for our company, it’s a big step forward allowing Monaco to further establish itself within the international space community.”┬áAxiom’s first private space station will be built from aboard the existing international space station, and later detached from it. Celebrated designer Philippe Starck signed off on the staffing quarters.

The accord between Axiom and SSI Monaco is oriented toward the long-term study of future tourism in space. Considerations will also be made for a potential Monaco Space Module in years to come.

With this agreement, Monaco is positioning itself as a potential pioneer in privatized spaceflight. Embracing the social and economic benefits of human spaceflight may prove to be a boon for the Principality, but only time will tell.

The person, the training

This means that between now and 2020, a person from Monaco will be chosen to make the trip upwards into space. Training for the mission will follow the guidelines set forth by NASA.

Captain Michael L├│pez-Alegria issued this statement: “We have the expertise to provide training that is equivalent to that of a person who comes out of NASA. We can also train toursits. To know how to enter and leave the capsule before launch and after landing, and in case of emergency, how to prepare food and go to the bathroom in space, and probably also how to operate cameras, and other working apparatuses according to the goal of the trip.”┬á