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The Monaco Exhibition Center brings together sick children

To help the associations, fairgrounds of the fair-attractions of Monaco have “small boxes on their counter to collect donations”. The sums are increasing more and more each year. What will happen in this 2018 edition?

Each year, the fair-attractions receives the visit of several associations of the Principality and its members. Earlier this week, on Wednesday, 250 children of the Amapei or the Flavian Foundation walked the aisles and enjoyed the different attractions of the fair.

As a thank you, the President of the showmen, Roger Dumont, even had a beautiful Marseillaise sung by kids delighted to be there. But that’s not all, for two years, at each stand, you can see a small orange box.


“It’s a fair that is united. The showmen are extraordinary people and solidarity. To support the Flavian Foundation, they all agreed to put small boxes on their counter to collect donations. And they do that naturally. In 2016, we raised 600 euros, the following year almost doubled with 1,157 euros,” said Denis Maccario, founding president of the foundation.

The accounts will be made at the closing of the fair on Monday night. But for now, there is still time to make a gesture.

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