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AS Monaco handball player Raphaël Guillaume succumbs to serious illness

Arrived in the summer of 2017 in Monaco, Raphaël Guillaume struggled since March 2018 against the disease. The club announced his death on Monday afternoon on the ASMonaco Handball website.

Raphaël Guillaume, a left-back who arrived in the Principality in the summer of 2017, from Saran, succumbed to a long brain disease after months of fighting. He had just turned 23 in December.


“The former player of the Rock died of an illness against which he has struggled tirelessly since March 2018, while wearing the colours of our club,” reads the release of the ASM.

Brilliant under the colours of his training club Mainvilliers-Chartres Handball and the pole Hope Chartres, his hometown, Raphael Guillaume had seduced Saran (First Division), where he had evolved the season 2016-2017, but without success to win in the rotation. Until his rebound in Monaco.

Amateurs or professionals, clubs all over France sent their condolences to his family and his former teammates.

The big family of handball unites around his mother Nathalie, his dad Benoît, former coach of Chartres and current coach Vernouillet CO, and his little brother Andréa.

“Raphael will leave the mark of a great player but especially a boy particularly endearing,”  said the release of ASM Handball.

Sports and human capacities summarised in September 2017 by Xavier Mangematin, then coach of ASM Handball.

“There was an opportunity, and we knew how to sniff out the good deal. I think he was interested not only in the project but also in the human approach we had with him and would be trusted and given some responsibilities. We were able to convince him to go back down to regain the pleasure of playing. We’re lucky to have it … “

This Tuesday evening, the president of ASM Hand, Eric Perodeau, announced the creation of a “kitty” for the benefit of an institute specialised in the fight against cancer.

Following many requests and in agreement with the family, the club of AS Monaco centralise from this day the donations you want to make and will be donated in full to the Institut Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, in a few weeks.

The entire Monaco-Tribune team sends its most sincere condolences to his family and loved ones.