Here’s what the Monaco Pavilion at the 2020 World Expo in Dubai looks like

The Monaco Inter Expo team has just unveiled the Pavilion and the Principality’s project for the UAE Expo 2020, which will highlight the country’s assets.

A rough diamond gushing in the desert. This is the impression given by the pavilion imagined to be Monaco’s home at the Dubai World Expo in 2020.


600 days before the opening of this international high mass, the project of the Principality was presented to the sovereign and a string of officials on Wednesday evening at the Hermitage Hotel.

In terms of universal exposure, Monaco is not at its first attempt. “The country has been participating for 150 years, with a premiere in Vienna in 1873,” said Mireille Pettiti, president of Monaco Inter Expo, coordinating structure of the event. The last time was in Milan in 2015 where the dismountable pavilion of the Principality had made a lot of noise.


“These events have a major interest in terms of visibility for Monaco. It is a unique platform of exchanges where it is to highlight our assets for an event that is held only every five years,” confirms the president. A point of view visibly shared by the government which put 9 million euros on the table to ensure the participation of the country in Dubai 2020. Ignoring some voices that considered it expensive to invest as much in this meeting.

On October 20, 2020, in Dubai, it is the planet that gives itself rendezvous for this Universal Exhibition to which 200 countries must take part around the theme “Connect the spirits, build the future”.

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The organisers are planning the arrival of some 25 million visitors during the six months of activities. In general, Monaco receives 5% of the visitors, which gives hope to more than one million passages in the red and white flag which will be located in the zone “opportunities” of the site of 4.38 km2 chosen in Dubai to install the exposure.

Opportunities – the team of Monaco Inter Expo has taken the word literally to offer visitors a 360-degree experience of the assets of the Principality.

“In Dubai, we want to show the many facets of the Principality, out of clich├ęs,” says Albert Croesi, general commissioner of the pavilion who hopes to federate around the project all the goodwill national. And it’s gone. Many institutional partners have already entered the dance to take part in the adventure.