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The Sacha Guitry Soirées are back at Cap d’Ail!

The Sacha Guitry Soirées are back at Cap d'Ail !
The Sacha Guitry Soirées are back at Cap d'Ail !

From June 10th to 14th, the Château des Terrasses at Cap d’Ail will host the now traditional Sacha Guitry Soirées. These evenings are an opportunity to rediscover the great words delivered by the playwright and director through his most iconic plays or films!

62 years after his death, Sacha Guitry is still one of the most famous artists in France. His pieces continue to be mounted or adapted, from Let’s Have a Dream through The Illusionist and Mon double et ma moitié and his films are regularly rebroadcast on television, such as Royal Affairs in Versailles. And for ten years his work has been represented at the Château des Terrasses at Cap d’Ail through the Sacha Guitry Soirées, a free event which is held over four nights. For this new edition, under the aegis of Anthéa Sogno, they will take place from June 10th to 14th, at 9 pm.

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On June 10th, in a staging by Thomas Le Douarec, you will find one of the playwright’s most famous pieces, Aux deux colombes, written in 1948, the story of a man who is warned by a mysterious phone call that he will receive a big surprise over the course of the day… Tuesday the 11th, in a stage direction by Raphaëlle Cambray, the great Parisian success Et si on ne se mentait plus, will revisit the friendship of the actor Lucien Guitry (Sacha’s father) with Tristan Bernard, Alphonse Allais, and Alfred Capus. On Thursday the 13th, it will be the projection of the movie Le Mot de Cambronne, a 1937 short film, preceded by a reading of extracts from the book The World according to Sacha Guitry by Christophe Barbier, narrated by Anthéa Sogno. Finally, on Friday the 14th, the troupe Les Inspiré will reinterpret, with direction by Anthéa Sogno, the play Un pour tous, tous pour Cyrano. Sacha Guitry has not finished making us laugh!


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*Article originally published on the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.