This time, it’s done! After long weeks of negotiations, AS Monaco has reached an agreement with Montpellier Hérault for the transfer of French goalkeeper Benjamin Lecomte. The 28-year-old keeper has just completed his medical visit in the afternoon. He will sign with Monaco for 5 years for an estimated transfer amount of 13 million euros.

This is good news that should delight all Monegasque supporters. Expected for several weeks, the arrival of a new goalkeeper who could very well take over the top slot by the beginning of the season. The club’s leaders targeted the player from the very start of the mercato: Benjamin Lecomte. The latter had also quickly announced to his family his desire to join the Monegasque club.

What’s the movement with Aguilar?

Last weekend was decisive. The two clubs agreed on an estimated amount between 12 and 15 million euros, and the French international was able to join the Rock on Monday morning to undergo his medical visit. While awaiting the officialization, the player, who will sign a 5-year contract, has entrusted his family with his joy to join the club led by Leonardo Jardim. At the same time, the path leading to Ruben Aguilar, also courted by ASM, has cooled off. According to our colleagues from Midi-Libre, the right-back is leaning toward staying with the MHSC. But this has already been balanced out: the Monegasque coach has announced that he wants to keep Benjamin Henrichs, currently being courted by Bayern Munich!

*Article originally published on the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.