Currently in Egypt for the African Cup of Nations, Keita Baldé – on loan from Monaco this season to Inter Milan – may not be bringing his suitcases back to the Rock. Despite Leonardo Jardim’s plans, the Senegalese international is being closely observed and courted by Arsenal.

This is the latest report from Sky Sports, adding that the English club sent representatives to oversee Keita Baldé’s performance at the ACN during the match against Tanzania (a game in which he scored a goal).

If the transfer comes to fruition, this would be very good news for the Senegalese striker and the leaders of AS Monaco who are anxious to deflate their workforce for next season.

Despite promising starts in Serie A last year, the former Lazio player, victim of many injuries, will not have relaunched his career at Inter. Unconvinced, the Lombard club renounced paying the option to purchase set at 35 million euros, matched with the Monegasque loan. On contract in Monaco until 2022, Keita Baldé could head for the Premier League against a tidy sum estimated between 28 and 34 million euros, according to Sky Sports.

*Article originally published on the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.