Monegasque electric boat Lanéva Boats rewarded with an innovation prize

Crédit du Nord and the Société Marseillaise de Crédit presented on Wednesday evening a check for 10,000 euros to the Monaco company Lanéva to salute its 100% electric boat

The rendezvous was given to the Yacht Club, where Prince Albert II had inaugurated a few months before the boat. Designed with recycled materials and 100% electric, the “Lanéva boat” is the first of a long list. In any case, that’s what its creators, François Richard and Maxime Pachot, promised during the presentation of the innovation prize on Wednesday.



Recycled wood fibre from European sustainable forest, bio-sourced resin, tek replaced by recycled cork. The boat is ecological.

“Whenever we could replace a yachting material, we did it,” says Maxime Pachot, co-founder of Lanéva Boats. The idea of ​​this boat? “Have the longest possible sustainability, bring a new look on yachting, more turned towards the 21st century with more ecological mobility,” he continues.

The boat is less polluting but also less noisy. “When you accelerate, you do not hear the engine, you do not smell diesel or gasoline, it’s completely odourless,” says Maxime Pachot.

He adds: “We spent the whole spring testing it and the summer season renting it with hotels in Monaco, who saw in it something original to offer their customers.”

The company, hosted by MonacoTech, then went for a ride in Switzerland to present his jewel in August, before returning to the Principality.


“We are a Monegasque company, and we are integrated into the local ecosystem, what we want is to really develop from Monaco, stay here and continue to grow.”

Based in Fontvieille, the team has already grown from 3 to 5 members. Thus, the 10,000 euros in the price, offered by Crédit du Nord and Société Marseillaise de Crédit, will allow the growth of new projects.

“We are preparing a new version of the boat that will be on the water next year, the goal is to improve what we have already done,” says the co-founder.

The young company is a reflection of the start-up philosophy: to progress constantly, not to sit on its achievements.