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Monaco Sportel Awards 2019: 22nd October

Today at 8:30 pm, the old glories and current sportsmen will crowd on the red carpet of Grimaldi Forum where the rewards of the sport will be unveiled. Access to the ceremony is free upon registration.

The high mass of the sports business is launched. At every level of the Grimaldi Forum, the big media makers and the cream of the professionals of the image multiply the appointments according to the alleys of a living room favourable to the juicy businesses. The biggest in the middle are: ESPN, Twitter, FIFA, Real Madrid, the Professional Football League, the NBA, Vimeo, Eurosport, to name only the most popular.

Beyond the seemingly staggering behind-the-scenes contracts, there are trends this year:┬á“There is an industry concern about piracy and, therefore, data protection. ‘money in content, it’s a shame that someone takes them and distributes them for free, says Laurent Puons, vice-president delegate Sportel Other topics discussed including conferences: e-sport and OTT.


Literally, over-the-top, understand bypass television, that is to say, all services that offer audiovisual content via the internet without going through the traditional channel of an operator.

So many subjects where, at the end of the process, we find the consumer of sports content. A “forbidden” user of the convention Sportel, which is strictly confined to professionals.


On the other hand, the Sportel Awards, another part of the event, give pride of place to the fans. What was originally just a ceremony celebrating the best sporting events of the past year has turned into a full-fledged, multi-day event.

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This Monday, it was gymnastics that was talked about with the broadcast of a series, All Around, retracing the adventures of three gymnasts aiming for gold at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, followed by an unprecedented exchange with well-honoured gymnasts, Nastia Liukin and Émilie Le Pennec.

Today, it is first e-sport (11h) then Formula 1 (14h30) which will be at the heart of the exchanges. With the presence of the sacred monster of asphalt, AlainProst, who will converse with the pundits of the Automobile Club of Monaco on the exceptional documentary Grand Prix of Monaco, the legend, produced by Yann-Antony Nogh├Ęs.

Last event open to the public on reservation, the most famous: the SportelAwards ceremony (tonight, 8:30 pm). On the red carpet, plethora of former sports glories, current performers and also some TV names.


To name a few: Christine Arron, Alain Bernard, Linford Christie, Didier Deschamps, Mika Hakkinen, Muriel Hurtis, Thierry Omeyer, Daniel Narcisse. At the podium, the jury, chaired by former Olympic Pole Vault Champion Yelena Isinbayeva, will recognize sports players in a number of categories.

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Not to mention the most beautiful sportsbook, the best autobiography, the documentary Peace and Sport or the prize of the Legend of sport. Last year, a certain Didier Deschamps had won the title. Who will replace him?

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Sportel Awards, as part of the Sportel Convention.

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