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Monaco welcomes four new ambassadors

The Principality accredited four new ambassadors from China, Brazil, Montenegro and Serbia. Laurent Anslemi – Minister of Foreign Relations and Cooperation – welcomed the new representatives during a lunch held at the Hotel Hermitage. What is their background and how do they plan to build tighter diplomatic and economic ties between their respective countries and the Principality?


Mr Shaye Lu, China

H.E. Mr Shaye Lu joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1988 and brings with him diplomatic experience from over four countries. Mr Shaye Lu worked at the Chinese Embassies in the Republic of Guinea, France and Senegal, where he was promoted to the rank of Ambassador in 2005.

He was appointed as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Director-General for Africa in 2009. From 2015 to 2016, he was Director-General of Policy Research at the Office of the Leading Group for Foreign Affairs of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. Before coming to France and Monaco, Mr Shaye Lu served as Chinese Ambassador to Canada.

As China’s chief representative in Monaco, Mr Shaye Lu will be responsible for cooperation in the fields of environmental protection, telecommunications and mobile payment. China and Monaco established diplomatic relations more than 20 years ago and last year Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Monaco – the first by a Chinese president to the Principality.



Mr Luis Fernando De Andrade Serra, Brazil

Mr Luis Fernando De Andrade Serra was appointed to successive posts as Brazil’s Ambassador to Ghana, Burkina Faso, Singapore and South Korea. Prior to these appointments, he worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brasilia, serving within the departments for Border Affairs, South America and West Africa.

In the Brazilial capital, Mr Luis Fernando De Andrade Serra also worked in the Secretariats for Internal Control and for Relations between the Ministry and the Legislative Authorities. Moreover, he was an international advisor for the Ministry of Communications and the National Telecommunications Agency.

Main cooperation opportunities between Monaco and Brazil are in tourism, yachting, real estate, architecture & design, financial engineering, insurance, ICT, international trade, logistics and the environment. Monaco’s entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for opportunities in this emerging economy.


Mr Ivan Ivanisevic, Montenegro

Mr Ivan Ivanisevic began his professional career in the multilateral relations division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as assistant to the Government’s Special Representative for Montenegro’s Accession to the Council of Europe.

He was appointed to head the OSCE and Council of Europe Department in 2011, and was then selected as Director-General for International Cooperation and European Integration at the Ministry of the Interior in 2013.

Since 2016, he has served as Minister Counsellor at the Embassy of Montenegro in Serbia, then as Director-General of Multilateral Affairs and Regional Cooperation at the Montenegrin Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Monaco and Montenegro are both Mediterranean nations and enjoy an ideal climate and a mountainous hinterland which attracts many tourists. Both countries’ strengths and opportunities lie in finance, transport, tourism, food industry and renewable energy.


Ms Natasa Maric, Serbia

Ms Natasa Maric joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2000 after a spell in the private sector. She was appointed First Secretary in the Office of the Deputy Minister for the European Union in 2009.

She subsequently took on successive posts as Deputy National Coordinator within the Council for Regional Cooperation and the South-East European Cooperation Process, Deputy Director of the European Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Minister Counsellor and Chargée d’Affaires ad interim at the Serbian Embassy in the United Kingdom.

Monaco and Serbia established diplomatic relations in November 2007 and Serbia maintains a presence in the Principality with its Honorary Consul Mr Goran Djokovic.