What you need to know about Monaco’s only brewery

Known for its splendour, Monaco’s Monte-Carlo is home to some of the most Instagram-worthy nightlife and dining experiences. The city-state’s only micro brewery, the La Brasserie de Monaco sits on the Port of Monaco harbour, overlooking the majestic Mediterranean sea. Its prime location and festive atmosphere, mixed with the region’s ideal weather, make the brewhouse ideal for any occasion.


How did they get their start?


Drawing from the succulent secrets of the 1900s Monegasque brewery of the nearby Fontvieille district, La Brasserie de Monaco founder and owner Gildo Pallanca-Pastor poured his first frothy blonde in August of 2008. Since then, brewmaster Francois Pichon, has been crafting the iconic establishment’s award-winning beers with the best organic malts. What’s more, to the delight of tastebuds everywhere, La Brasserie’s hand-crafted nectar is a la natural or unfiltered and unpasteurised—paying homage to traditions of times past.


What does La Brasserie de Monaco serve?


With four unique flavours, La Brasserie de Monaco creates authentic brews that are perfect for any occasion. The bar’s first and finest, La Blonde de Monaco is a Pilsner beer. A peppery blend of German and Alsatian hops, this brew has earned the “Fourquet d’Or” and several medals thanks to its classic fermentation process. Next on the menu is the Blanche de Monaco. Known for its distinctive aroma, this light brew is made with barley malt and hops from the Czech Republic, a leader producer of hops. La Brasserie also serves up the bold Ambrée de Monaco. A perfect balance of malt and hop, this IPA is dressed in a deep copper hue and releases toasted and sweet caramel notes. Plus, they also offer a seasonal special that changes throughout the year.


Brasserie de Monaco

La Brasserie de Monaco


Where do they brew?


To ensure the best quality draught, Mr Pallanca-Pastor joined forces with the oldest brewery in the world, Kaspar Schulz, to build his brewhouse. Combining German “tradition and innovation,” La Brasserie de Monaco uses an entirely automated brewing system, with four service tanks and five fermenting tanks that allow up to a 1,000 litters of golden goodness.



La Brasserie de Monaco


La Brasserie de Monaco is open daily from noon to 2:00am at is located at Route de la Piscine.

To learn more visit: La Brasserie de Monaco 

Phone: +377 97 98 51 20