All you need to know about Monaco’s new measures to tackle the pandemic

Gouvernement princier

Following the Prince’s televised address, on Friday 30 October the Government detailed the new measures introduced to help curb the spread of Covid-19, which include the compulsory wearing of masks and the closure of bars.  

The new measures came into place Saturday 31 October at midnight.

These measures are a response to a two-fold development: on the one hand, France announced a national lockdown. On the other, Monaco has witnessed a worsening of the situation, even if the number of cases in the Principality is less concerning than that of our neighbours.

Pierre Dartout, Minister of State

Mask must be worn at all times

Wearing masks is now compulsory outdoors throughout Monaco. The new rule does not concern children below the age of 5 and anyone doing sports. The Government also recommends that citizens wear masks indoors.

A curfew

Monaco will now be under curfew from 8 pm to 6 am. There are some exceptions to the rule, namely:

1) Travelling from your home to your workplace, university or school and vice-versa.

2) For any urgent medical or care reasons that cannot be done remotely, as well as to buy medicines or any other health-related product.

3) For urgent family reasons, for childcare or to assist vulnerable people.

4) For administrative reasons or for a legal summons

5) For any common good initiative requested by the administrative authority.

6) To take pets out for a walk

In order to travel between your home and your workplace during curfew hours, your employer must issue a document stating the reason for your trip. Any professional activity that must be carried out between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. may still continue.


All indoor sports facilities will close and all amateur sports will have to cease. Personal trainers can no longer work outside. Individuals will be allowed to exercise outdoors, so long as they keep a 2-meter distance between themselves and other people.

All professional sports, including training sessions and matches, will take place behind closed doors.

Schools will have to stop PE and swimming lessons. Saunas, hammams and public jacuzzis will have to close.

Bars and Restaurants

Under the new measures, bars will have to close. It is still possible for restaurants to offer the bar menu at tables during lunch or dinner. Hotel bars can stay open until 10 pm but are reserved for the hotel’s clients.

Restaurants must close by 9:30 pm. Clients have until 10 pm to get back home. The restaurant will have to issue a document certifying the time at which the client left the restaurant. All musical entertainment in restaurants is banned.

Casinos and shows

Concerts and shows must end by 9:30 pm. Spectators will have until 10 pm to get back home, using their concert ticket as proof of their trip.

The same rules apply to casinos. Gaming establishments must issue clients a document certifying the client’s time of departure.

Any breaching of the above rules is punishable by law.