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ShareTheMeal: fighting world hunger from your smartphone


An initiative like no other. The World Food Programme’s (WFP) app to end world hunger is beating new records. Every year, the food-assistance branch of the United Nations provides food aid to more than 86 million people across 83 countries. 

Their goal? Share 800 million meals within five years. The project may be ambitious, but the WFP is relying on its community of loyal donators, who are just as committed to ending world hunger. Monaco is part of this community. Donations made via the app will go towards a variety of projects set up by the WFP. Their operations range from resilience building to school feeding programmes. The world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger has provided food aid in some of the greatest global food emergencies. Since the organisation launched in 2015, they have helped during the crises in Yemen, Syria and Nigeria.


More people than ever do not have access to enough food. To stand a chance at reaching all those in need, the WFP needs more money and resources.


How does the app work?

Available to download on both Apple and Android, ShareTheMeal enables participants to “share a meal” with a child in need. A quick click and 0.70 € ($0.80) is all it takes to provide a child with food for a day. The WFP will take care of the rest. The organisation also keeps participants up to date with the progress of the project.

Where does the money go?

  • 62% funds the cost of providing food aid to those in need
  • 28% invested in fundraising and marketing
  • 6% spent on running the organisation itself i.e renting offices and paying staff
  • 4% goes towards service fees
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