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Covid-19: Monaco continues to support several African countries

Mauritania Civil Defence

Monaco remains committed to helping several West African countries in their fight against coronavirus. By leading an international cooperation programme, the Princely Government and Monaco’s firefighters are providing support to poorer nations.

In light of International Civil Defence Day on the 1 March 2021, the Princely Government sought to remind citizens about its efforts to help poorer countries with their development. Last year, Monaco supported several countries, such as Burkina Faso, Mali and Mauritania with their struggle to manage the pandemic.


Donating emergency resources

Together with the Monaco Fire Brigade and the Department for International Cooperation, the Princely Government is leading a cooperation programme. In 2020, Monaco allocated almost 40% of the state budget to this programme, so that poorer countries could be helped through the health crisis. These funds were used to buy masks, hand sanitiser, bleach and other items of PPE for those countries in need.

Since the pandemic began, firefighters in Monaco have been working with brigades in Burkina Faso, Mali and Mauritania to share knowledge and skills regarding the treatment of Covid patients. They have taught their international counterparts how to keep ambulances airtight, as well as how to best care for a patient during their journey to the hospital.

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