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New series of cultural events aims to boost business in Monaco’s old town

Restaurant Chez Tony

Free of access and family-friendly, the events are sure to jazz up your summer evenings. 


From 4 pm to 9 pm on every Friday until 20 August, Monaco’s old town, also known as the Rock of Monaco, will play host to various cultural activities. The events scheduled range from open-air concerts to workshops in the streets of the old town, and a show by the Prince’s Carabiniers.

The first evening kicks off on Friday 23 July. Creative workshops, a tombola, live music, a photobooth and street entertainment are currently scheduled.

Boosting the economy

The initiative is called “Revivez vos quartiers” (Rediscover your neighbourhood) and follows in the footsteps of  “Jeudis du Rocher ” (Thursdays on the rock), organized during summer 2020 to help the old town’s economy in the aftermath of the first lockdown. Both initiatives were entirely financed by the Prince’s Government in an effort to boost the old town’s tourism and, more broadly, the Principality’s economy.

The events hope to bring more business to the old town’s shops and restaurants, which heavily rely on tourists for their income. Are you interested in knowing more about how coronavirus has affected the old town? Last summer, we interviewed the shopkeepers of Monaco Ville about their fears for the future.