The Foire Attractions funfair will run from October 22 to November 19, with specific health restrictions for the 2021 edition.

It’s an event that delights young people (and the young at heart) every year: the Foire Attractions is back! Techno Power, Jumping Frog, Alladin or Astrojet are just some of the rides, for all the fun of the fair! And for those with a sweet tooth, the waffle, pancake and candy apple stands will be there, of course.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, special measures have been taken by the Government to enable the return of the Fair, which has been absent since 2019.  The health pass will be required for those over 16 years old and masks must be worn by over 5s.

Eating areas and crowd size

Gone are the days when you could wander around, waffle in hand: the consumption of food or drinks is now banned outside of designated eating areas. You will therefore have to eat in the areas situated on the Quai Albert Ier. The Darse Sud (South Dock) will be given over to attractions and rides, with no catering outlets.

There will be seven access points to the Attractions: five on the Quai Albert Ier and two at the Darse Sud.  Please note, capacity is set at 1 person per 4 square metres and mats will be used to count the number of people entering in real time.  If maximum capacity is reached, access to the Fair will be temporarily suspended. You can check the crowd size, live, on the town hall website.