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New non-invasive uterine fibroid treatment at CHPG

Gaetan Luci / Prince's Palace

The new equipment was inaugurated by Prince Albert II on January 18.

The Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace has just acquired a brand new state-of-the-art device for treating uterine fibroids. These benign tumors cause heavy bleeding and pelvic pain, and in some cases infertility or complications during pregnancy. A condition that affects 35% of women over 35 and one in two women over 50.


Until now, surgery was the only recommended treatment for these fibroids: it is major surgery, which sometimes results in post-operative pain or complications. The new technique, called HIFU SONALLEVE, uses focused ultrasound instead.

© Gaetan Luci / Prince’s Palace

It is therefore non-invasive, non-irradiating, with no cutting or incisions. Patients can be treated without risk of scarring, pain, complications or hemorraging. The HIFU method is not very aggressive. It is performed with no anaesthesia and on an outpatient basis, but the procedure takes around three hours.

However, this new technology is not yet suitable for all patients, as certain conditions must be met. In particular, the fibroid must be easily accessible to be treated in this way.

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