In brief

Nine top chefs soon to compete on superyachts

Monaco Yacht Club

The Superyacht Chef Competition is back in April for an exceptional culinary contest. 

Nine contestants, only one winner. On April 7, the Monaco Yacht Club will join forces for the third consecutive year with the company Bluewater, in its “La Belle Classe Academy” training centre, dedicated to professionals in the yachting industry.

On this occasion, an exceptional culinary competition will pit nine great chefs of different nationalities against each other, and will be judged by an equally exceptional jury. The jury will be chaired by chef Guillaume Gomez, Ambassador of French gastronomy, member of the Disciples of Auguste Escoffier, former head chef in the Elysée kitchens. Joël Garault, President of Goûts et Saveurs, will supervise.

Anti-waste penalty

The principle is simple: each candidate must create their own composition from a mystery basket, made up mainly of seafood and seasonal produce. The contest will take place in three rounds of forty-minutes. And there will be an innovation for this edition: for the very first time, an anti-waste criterion will be introduced, with a penalty if an ingredient in the basket is not used.

Other big names in haute gastronomy will be part of the jury, such as Nicolas Benoit, elected “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (best craftsman in France) in 2015 in the “gastronomic cuisine” category, Nicolas Sale, head of two Michelin-starred restaurants, and the starred chef Didier Anies, current executive chef at the Château de la Tour, in Cannes.

The competition will not be taking place in just any setting: the candidates will cook on 40 metre+ super-yachts. A way of honouring trades in the Luxury Yachting sector, which includes over 250 companies in the Principality. Registrations are now open.