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Princess Charlene Foundation supports mobile swimming pool

Aqwa Itineris

The Foundation signed a partnership with Aqwa Itineris on 4 March in Auriol (13).

It looks like a normal truck on the outside, but inside the trailer is an eight metre-long, adjustable-depth water tank, along with showers and changing rooms. It is a mobile swimming pool, created by the Aqwa Itineris non-profit organisation, whose aim is to provide access to swimming in municipalities that do not have the necessary infrastructure.

© Aqwa Itineris

The operation is supported by the Princess Charlene Foundation, which works to prevent drowning and has signed a partnership with the organisation. “From 2022, this new partnership will aim to help municipalities that do not have suitable infrastructure (…) Many French towns and villages would like to have their own swimming pool to be able to provide aquatic activities for young people and to follow the National Education curriculum, but not all of them can afford the investment and running costs of traditional swimming pools“, the Foundation’s press release states.

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Olivier Tauty, co-founder and president of Aqwa Itineris France (left), Jean-François Buisson, designer of the mobile aquatic centre (centre) and Gareth Wittstock, Secretary General of the Princess Charlene Foundation (right) – © Fondationprincessecharlene

The partnership agreement, signed on Friday by Gareth Wittstock, the Foundation’s Secretary General, provides for the co-financing of the project by the Monegasque charity. Schoolchildren, people with reduced mobility and seniors from isolated communities will therefore be able to enjoy the pool, which stays for a few days before continuing on its journey. Every year, more than 800 pupils learn to swim thanks to the scheme.

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