44th birthday of Charlene, a Princess of many causes

Princesse Charlene Monaco anniversaire
Princesse Charlene via Instagram

The Princess shared a video made in her honour by her Foundation, on her Instagram account.

It’s a red letter day for the Princely Family! On Tuesday, January 25, Princess Charlene celebrates her 44th birthday. Although she is still recovering in a confidential location outside the Principality, the Princess received a beautiful gift from her Foundation: a three-minute video, published on Instagram, which includes around a hundred photos illustrating her extraordinary life.

From the first pictures taken with her parents and family, to her swimming achievements, then of course her wedding to Prince Albert II and the birth of her children, the Princess’ life unfolds image after image, to an instrumental version of Happy Birthday. Also highlighted are her actions through her Foundation, which works towards the prevention of drowning and for children’s sports education.

The Foundation also included a message for the Princess: “We honour you for how much you always give of yourself to change people’s lives around the world, your passion and dedication to saving and changing lives is truly an inspiration. We trust this video (…) reminds you just how loved and appreciated you are.”

A life of dedication

Very aware of the problems faced by children in difficulty, Princess Charlene has campaigned for many years for the education of young people through sports. Since its creation in 2012, the Foundation has already carried out several major missions, the main one being to prevent drowning. Several tens of thousands of children throughout the world have been able to learn to swim thanks to the “Water Safety programme.

Anniversary of the Princess Charlene foundation
© Fondation Princesse Charlène

The Princess has also travelled extensively to promote sport and its values among the youngest age groups, by supporting sports clubs, such as in Georgia, where she presented the Tbilisi rugby club with a bus to make their match trips easier, or creating facilities such as a rugby school in Ecuador.

Also very involved in Africa, Princess Charlene campaigns against poaching, supporting the Chasing Zero charity, which fights in particular against rhino poaching in South Africa.

The Princess Charlene Foundation was also at work during the Covid-19 pandemic, distributing masks in Monaco in April 2020.