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Dedicated Princess Charlene turns 46

© Eric Mathon / Prince's Palace

The Princess is very involved with children, animals and the Monegasque community.

A big day for the Princely Family! Princess Charlene celebrated her 46th birthday on Thursday 25 January. To mark the occasion, Princess Charlene along with Prince Albert II and their children, Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, enjoyed a lovely cake at the La Condamine market.

The Princely Couple and Twins celebrated Princess Charlene’s birthday at La Condamine market- © Eric Mathon / Prince’s Palace

The special day is also a time for reflecting on the Sovereign’s spouse’s dedication to a number of causes, in Monaco and abroad, in particular in South Africa where she grew up.

Keenly aware of the problems faced by children in difficulty, Princess Charlene has campaigned for many years on educating young people through sports. Since its creation in 2012, her Foundation has already accomplished several major missions, the main one being to prevent drowning. Several tens of thousands of children throughout the world have been able to learn to swim thanks to the “Water Safety” programme.

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Anniversary of the Princess Charlene foundation
Princess Charlene strives to prevent drowning – © Princess Charlene Foundation

Supporting children and animals

And Princess Charlene has never given up her fight. Last November, she visited the Grimaldi Forum, to raise awareness about drowning prevention among over 300 young Monaco schoolchildren

The foundation has been active in 43 different countries since 2012 – © Eric Mathon / Prince’s Palace

And for over ten years, the Princess’ Foundation has been carrying out initiatives in over forty different countries. The last Christmas Ball at the Hôtel de Paris, organised in aid of the Foundation, raised €150,000.

The 18th edition of the Christmas Ball paid tribute to the centenary of Prince Rainier III’s birth – © Prince’s Palace / Eric Mathon
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The Princess has also travelled extensively to promote sport and its values among the youngest age groups, by supporting sports clubs, such as in Georgia, where she presented the Tbilisi rugby club with a bus to make it easier to travel, or creating facilities such as a rugby school in Ecuador

Also very involved in Africa, Princess Charlene campaigns against poaching, supporting the Chasing Zero charity, which fights in particular against rhino poaching in South Africa. 

The Princess’ commitment to the animal cause was also strengthened when she agreed to chair the Monaco SPA in Peille. 

The Princely Couple laid the foundation stone for the future SPA Monaco shelter in Peille –  © Eric Mathon / Prince’s Palace

Princess Charlene, very much a part of Monegasque life

Of course, Princess Charlene is also very involved with the Principality. For example, the Princess recently agreed to become Honorary President of the Pink Ribbon Monaco charity, which runs breast cancer awareness and prevention campaigns.

Princess Charlene receives a bouquet before the start of the dinner dance on the Place d’Armes. © Communication Department / Manuel Vitali

But that’s not all: the Princess also organised a dinner dance for Monegasque seniors last September, and went out of her way to meet the participants. She also visited the residents of Cap Fleuri in November, presenting them with a lovely photo of the Princely Twins, along with the Chien de Coeur charity

Princess Charlene gave a previously unpublished photo of her children to each resident at Cap Fleuri © Eric Mathon / Prince’s Palace