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12 Monegasque words for Easter

Easter was celebrated on Sunday 9 April. © Unsplash

How well do you know the Monegasque language? Monaco Tribune, in partnership with the Académie des Langues Dialectales, gives you a list of words and expressions to boost your vocabulary.

This year, Easter was celebrated on Sunday 9 April. As the Académie des Langues Dialectales reminds us, Easter is the most important and oldest documented Christian festival. Religious events take place during the holy week that precedes Easter Sunday. It is an opportunity for families to gather for a lovely meal, with the traditional leg of lamb, the “Easter dove” and not forgetting the Monegasque fougasse for dessert.

  • Holy Week : semana santa
  • Easter : Pasca
  • Sunday : dumenega
  • Bell : campana
  • Family : famiya
  • Lamb and leg of lamb : agnelu ; gigotu d’agnelu
  • Fougasse : fugassa
  • Hen : galina, pula
  • Chick : pulin
  • Egg : oevu
  • Chocolate : ciculata
  • Rabbit : lapin

The ü (umlaut) is pronounced u. And the u without an umlaut is pronounced ou.