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Monaco, most expensive destination in the world?

Casino de Monte-Carlo Monaco
Monaco came in ahead of St. Barth, Gstaad, and Bora Bora. © Monaco Tribune

So says a ranking of international destinations by a British travel blog.

Traveller’s Elixir has put Monaco very high on its list. In first place, in fact. After analysing around sixty destinations, including the most and least expensive in the world, the site put the Principality ahead of Saint-Barthélémy, Gstaad, in Switzerland, Bora Bora and Reykjavík, in Iceland.

According to the blog, a five-day trip to Monaco will cost you an average of €2,047, not including flights, which obviously vary greatly in price depending on the point of departure. To arrive at this figure, Traveller’s Elixir states that it studied a number of sources, including average hotel and food prices, transport costs and the prices of attractions.

“The place has many high-end restaurants, designer shops, luxury boutiques and entertainment venues, all of which charge high prices,” the blog says, also mentioning the prestige of Monaco’s events, institutions such as the Monte Carlo casino and the high price of accommodation. In 2012, the hotel comparison site Trivago conducted a study using its own data and reported an average cost of €362 per night in the Principality.

As for the cheapest destinations, again for a five-day trip, Delhi (India) takes the top slot (€164), followed by Phnom Penh (Cambodia, €203), then Kathmandu (Nepal, €207) and the so-called ‘eternal city of spring’, Medellin in Colombia (€231).