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Highlights of Prince Albert II visit to Philadelphia

One of the aims of the trip was to attend the Prince Albert II Foundation's 16th annual Planetary Health Awards ceremony. © Michael Alesi / Prince's Palace

There were three aspects to the visit to the United States: family, environment and diplomacy.

Before beginning his official visit, the Sovereign paid a private visit to his maternal family. “I’ve never felt like a foreigner here. The first time I came I was three years old. My mother’s family always gave us a wonderful welcome (…) Every stay here in Philadelphia is a joy,” Prince Albert II told Monaco Info.


The next day, he headed to the northern part of the city as part of the Philly Tree Plan, described by Philadelphia Parks & Recreation as “the city’s first-ever urban forest strategic plan […] in support of citywide equity and sustainability goals.” The aim of the project, supported to the tune of $130,000 by the American branch of the Prince Albert II Foundation, chaired by John B Kelly III, is to restore a balance in the proportion of trees in neighbourhoods where the temperature is higher and the air quality poorer.

The day continued with a visit to Philadelphia Zoo, which has set up programmes and initiatives to raise awareness and educate people about species conservation thanks to a recent grant from the American branch of the FPA2.

The Sovereign then chaired a meeting of the Prince Albert II USA Foundation’s Board of Directors before taking part in the annual consular meeting organised by Monaco’s Ambassador to the United States. Prince Albert II took the opportunity to greet the new Monegasque Consul in Boston. The day ended at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the city’s largest museum, where an evening event was held in honour of the FPA2 and in the presence of the Mayor, Jim Kenney.

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On Friday evening, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation held its 16th annual Planetary Health Awards ceremony at the Kimmel Cultural Campus Perelman Theatre in Philadelphia, organised by the Foundation’s American branch. “We want to stress the deep commitment of all those individuals and organisations who are helping to make a difference. Very serious progress has been made,” said the Sovereign.

The 2023 Planetary Health Awards went to activist Dominique Palmer, scientist Hans-Otto Pörtner and Ecovative, a leader in mycelium technology. Since the Covid-19 period, the FPA2 has chosen to present awards based on three themes. “Science, because without scientific data, we don’t believe action is possible; a second prize that rewards awareness-raising, mediation and activists; and a third prize that rewards sustainable businesses,”  the Foundation’s Vice-President, Olivier Wenden, said to Monaco Info.

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