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Monegasque delegation on London mission to showcase Principality’s strengths

Left to right: Sasha Viviani, Administrator at the Government of Monaco's Attractiveness Unit, Chloé Leclercq, Policy Officer at the Government of Monaco's Attractiveness Unit, Justin Highman, Deputy Director General of the Monaco Economic Board, Frédéric Genta, Inter-ministerial Delegate for Attractiveness and Digital Transition, Evelyne Genta, Monaco's Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Gérald Mathieu, Chairman of the A.M.A.F's Commission de Promotion de la Place financière, Xavier De Sarrau, Managing Partner at Gordon Blair, Guillaume Rose, Executive Director of the M.E.B., Michel Bouquier, Senior Advisor at Monaco Private Label. © Prince's Government

The aim of these trips, first to Brussels in June, then to London, is to coordinate representation of the Principality’s interests abroad, in partnership with public and private players. 

The Principality presented itself “as a team” at Monaco’s Embassy in London. The Monaco Government’s Attractiveness Unit was joined by Monaco Private Label, the Monaco Economic Board, the Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer group and the Monaco Association for Financial Activities.


The United Kingdom is a strategic location for Monaco, with 3,000 residents, an exceptional financial centre and a wealth of talent …(…) The aim is to present the Principality to investors, entrepreneurs and professionals such as tax specialists and bankers who can bring us the residents, investors and investment funds we would like to have in the Principality,” says Frédéric Genta, Inter-ministerial Delegate for Attractiveness and Digital Transition, speaking to Monaco Info.

It is an opportunity to showcase the Principality’s assets and to strengthen the links between the Monegasque and British diplomatic networks.

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Attracting future residents and talents

The Monegasque delegation knows how to present Monaco in its best light. “London has become quite dangerous, so safety is the Principality’s primary appeal. Of course, the tax system is a factor in our attractiveness, as is quite simply living in Monaco,” says Monaco’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom Evelyne Genta, speaking to Monaco Info.

The aim is clear: to stimulate interest among influential local figures. “A certain measure of Monaco’s development is thanks to its talents, talents from all over the world who choose us,” says Frédéric Genta.

Over the two days of the trip, the Inter-ministerial Delegate, his team and all the partners were able to meet with around thirty entrepreneurs, investors and legal and tax experts from London who are keen to build a relationship with the Principality.

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With almost 7% of the Principality’s total resident population (Monaco Statistics 2023 report), the British community is one of the 3 largest in Monaco.

London, a major economic player

The British capital is a priority destination for the coordinated actions of the attractiveness policy. “London remains one of the most active cities in terms of relocating new residents to the Principality, but there’s much more to it than that. The British capital is an international platform through which we can reach a much wider audience. From India to South America, via the Middle East, all nationalities go through London and we are continuously striving to grow the network that this global centre of finance and commerce provides for us,” says Evelyne Genta in conclusion.

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