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Betclic Elite: Roca Team crumbles against Paris

La Roca Team manque sa chance de prendre le large face à Paris en finale de Betclic Elite (70-77)
The Roca Team missed its chance to open up a gap against Paris in the Betclic Elite finals (70-77) ┬ę AS Monaco Basket

Yesterday, AS Monaco Basket once again played host to Paris Basketball in the Gaston M├ędecin sports hall, but lost the match 70 – 77. A result that let the Parisians equalise in the finals.

The defeat leaves a bitter taste for the Monegasques, who have now lost the advantage they gained in the first leg. The Roca Boys’ game got off to a poor start with an incomprehensible first quarter: nine free throws missed, only one point scored in five minutes of play and the first and only two-point basket was scored in the eighth minute.


11-25 at the end of the first quarter… but Monaco did manage to close the gap by half-time, coming back to within two points of Paris. The Parisian coach, Tuomas Iisalo, managed his team very well and, despite Monaco’s astonishing comeback, won this crucial second match.

Shorts ahead of James in this second match

21 points for T.J Shorts versus 10 for Mike James: the Parisian clearly outshone his Monegasque counterpart. After a masterclass in the first game, James was off form in the second, scoring just five points in three quarters.

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The Roca Team has a date with destiny this Sunday June 8, as it heads to Paris for the third match in the  Betclic Elite final. For the moment, the score is tied 1-1 and the first to three will be crowned  Betclic Elite champion. Daghe Mùnegu!