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This Monegasque organization is dedicated to helping female victims of violence


A.V.I.P. is a Monegasque organization that has tasked itself with supporting women who are victims of aggression, violence, and rape. They provide psychological services within the Principality and beyond.

Victims of domestic violence, rape, theft, humiliations, threats, physical and emotional aggression in Monaco have somewhere to turn, the A.V.I.P. association. These inhumane acts often go unspoken for victims’ fears of being ostracized from their community or┬áincurring more violence.┬áA.V.I.P.┬á implores such victims to have the courage to make their first contact. A simple phone call can change or save a life.

A.V.I.P. (Aide aux victimes dÔÇÖinfractions p├ęnales – Help for victims of criminal offenses) offers both legal and psychological services. This scope means that they can accompany victims from the first phone call all the way to the courtroom floor.


The service can be reached by telephone between 8 AM and 8 PM throughout the week (93 25 00 07). Contact services can also be accessed online via, which is translated into 4 languages in order to reach the maximum amount of women in Monaco.

A.V.I.P. is also connected to the 115 emergency service line, and can deploy officers to a scene should the need arise. Any resident or visitor to the Principality can solicit their services and will be oriented to the most well-adapted social services relative to their situation.

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ESSENTIAL information

A.V.I.P. – 15, rue Louis-Aureglia, 98000 Monaco.

Telephone: +377.

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The government’s toll-free number 116919 is also forwarded to the AVIP station.