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Gault & Millau Awards Louis XV’s Sandro Micheli with “Pastry Chef of the Year” Honors


Sandro Micheli is the head pastry chef inside the triple Michelin Star Alain Ducasse restaurant, the Louis XV in Monaco. Gault & Millau just labeled him pastry chef of the year for his work inside the Hôtel de Paris’ renowned restaurant.

Sandro Micheli (42), has been the chef pâtissier in the Alain Ducasse restaurant since 2013. Gault & Millau awarded him the distinction for his sublimely thoughtful work, which takes form in flavorful, pure pastries. The chef of genuinely discrete character will have to get used to the new spotlight on his kitchen. According to the report from Nice-Matin (FR) the chef admitted to “not believing it” when he found out that he was given the award.

The chef’s background

Chef Micheli is originally from Belfort. His beginnings as a pastry chef came about during his time at the Hotel School. Though it was not his initial goal, he has dedicated his life to the craft of pastry making: “I was supposed to be a cook, and I learned about pastry making during a year in school. That same year, I worked in Stéphane Klein’s kitchen in Belfort. He is renowned for his work around the world. That’s where I fell in love with everything. Using raw materials like sugar, chocolate, flour, and eggs and making them into infinite forms… The freedom and artistry of it all seduced me.”


The chef went on to work in New York where he integrated a handful of Alain Ducasse establishments. Across the Atlantic, he learned new techniques and worked with products from South America and Asia. The experience allowed him to grow his repertoire of specialties and refine his personal style.

Flavor is everything

The flavors and textures in chef Micheli’s cuisine come from the intensive research of primary materials and ingredients. Playing with acidity, citrus, fruits, and chocolate creates new and unexpected blends. “Chef Dominique Lory goes to the market twice per week meaning we work with regional products as often as possible – peaches and apricots specially selected by our suppliers.”

In modern fashion, chef Micheli has reduced the sugar and fat content of his confections over the years. In teasing out the natural attributes of his chosen products, he can remind diners of what makes an apple special, or a pear unforgettable.

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