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Roadmap to the Monégasque government’s 2019 priorities


During the press conference for the presentation of the 2019 projected budget, Monaco’s government laid out a list of priorities for next year.

While the government budget will go before the National Council in December, Monaco has announced several of its priorities for 2019. Key terms include digital transition and health, as well as the environment, quality of life, entrepreneurial aid, transparency, and solidarity. Here is an abbreviated roadmap to their goals and what we can expect in the year to come.

Environmental goals


Already making efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the government intends on being insistent on reaching its goals. The Société Monégasque d’Electricité et du Gaz (SMEG) has recently engaged a bid to equip a number of photovoltaic farms in France. The cells would generate between 7 and 8% of the Principality’s energy consumption needs. This initiative falls under the National Pact, which was adopted last January. The pact stipulates that Monaco cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. To bolster this effort, the Société Monégasque des Eaux recently signed the charter for the deployment of the National Pact for Energy Transition. The SM Eaux is exploring the transformation of gray water to heat buildings.

Quality of life

To fight against the noise pollution resulting from the Principality’s numerous construction sites, the government will issue two ministerial orders. The first will strictly regulate authorized work hours: Monday to Friday, from 7:30 AM to 7 PM. This will eliminate noise coming from building sites on Saturdays, over Christmas, and during the month of August. The second will force building companies to employ the most noise-sensitive equipment on the market. The use of acoustic screens will also become mandatory.

Helping businesses

The Monégasque government has signed to build 1,200 square meters of office space in Fontevieille. The spaces are dedicated to new Monégasque companies that need of a developmental boost. The project is in partnership with Monaco Tech, the startup program created by Monaco, Monaco Telecom, and Xavier Niel.

Total transparency

A potential law is under consideration concerning “prevention of the use of the financial system for money laundering or terrorist financing purposes”. Three additional posts, already included in the 2019 initial budget will be created within the Financial Circuits Control and Information Service (SICCFIN).

Total Solidarity

The aging of the European population is a phenomenon that also affects Monaco. Six hundred elderly people now benefit from home support measures. Dedicated institutions offer some 342 places. “We will have 151 additional places with work underway at the residence of Cap Fleuri,” said Didier Gamerdinger, advisor to the Minister of Social Affairs and Health. But despite these efforts, with the increase in elderly dependency, within the decade this will not suffice.120 slots more will be needed by 2020-2025, a number that will double by 2030-2035. To cope with this shortage, at least 20 or 30 years of seniority in the Principality could be claimed for seniors wishing to have access to a specialized Monégasque institution.