The “light us” torch will leave Monaco to join the COP 24 in Poland

The “light us” torch, a symbol of sustainable development, was symbolically presented by Prince Albert II to Ayoub Makhloufi. It will be transported to Poland where COP 24 will be held.

As a prelude to COP 24, which will open in Poland on December 3, the Principality was chosen this year as relay departure from the symbolic torch Light us to Katowice (Poland).


On the initiative of the Mediterranean Intelligence and Public Affairs Institute (MIPAI), chaired by Ayoub Makhloufi, this energy-smart, connected, a self-contained torch was launched at COP 21. It has since become a symbol of sustainable development.


MIPAI – in partnership with the Mediterranean Youth Network for Climate (MYCN) – organises each year the “Light us Relay”. This is an event that allows the passing of the torch between COP organising countries to another using own transport.

The aim is not only to promote sustainable mobility and new technologies but also to mobilise the largest number of young “green business” carriers from the Euro-Mediterranean region. This year, the association received official support from the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

“We must advance international environmental negotiations and bring climate issues to the fore. A mission to which the Foundation is committed, working to sensitise both populations and public authorities about the impact of human activities on natural environments in order to promote the emergence of carbon-free, sustainable, innovative and more,” said Bernard Fautrier, Vice-President and Managing Director of the Foundation.


Prince Albert II thus transmitted Saturday – at a ceremony on the square of the palace – the symbol “Light us” to President Ayoub Makhloufi, marking the beginning of a series of stages strewn with actions of sensitisation: his career will be by land, electric vehicles and rail.

Also present were the crews of electric vehicles, as well as young people continuing the journey by train.

“These two itineraries will serve as an umbilical cord between the symbolism of this torch and a sustainable future for humanity,” said Ayoub Makhloufi, referring to the importance of “this passing of light by means of clean transport”.

The arrival of the “Light us” torch in Katowice is scheduled for December 1st.