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Arnaud Donckele, World’s Best Chef 2019


The Chefs World Summit 2018 was held in Monaco’s Grimaldi Forum from November 25 to November 27, 2018. During the Summit, Arnaud Donckele, chef from St. Tropez’s restaurant La Vague d’Or, earned a new title: World’s Best Chef 2019.

At the World Chefs Summit, which opened in Monaco on Sunday 25 November, the 2019 list of the world’s 100 most prestigious chefs was unveiled. In the top 10, there are no less than five French chefs. That includes the list’s top two slots, namely Michel Troisgros in second (formerly first) and Arnaud Donckele, the head chef of La Vague d’Or restaurant in Saint-Tropez atop the list.

Donckele, a relatively modest Michelin star bearing chef, was particularly surprised by the award. Though he accumulated several awards, he does not actively seek recognition, rather receiving it thanks to his passion and skill. That is what the list of 580 voters (all with Michelin star honors) observed in his work over the past year.


Chef Donckele and his awards

Though humble, hardworking, and modest to a fault, Arnaud Donckele, 41, is not unfamiliar with this type of honor. Originally from Rouen, he made his debut at Alain Ducasse and Jean-Louis Nomicos’ restaurant and at the age of 30. That is where he garnered four toques honors from Gault & Millau. He earned a fifth in 2016, achieving the prestigious score of 19/20. In 2012, he received the FutureYoung Chef award, as well as three Michelin stars for his work in La Vague d’Or since 2015. The chef is apparently at the peak of his powers, the only question is, what’s next?