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The Friends of Lebanon celebrated Christmas with Didier Deschamps

Forty children were able to enjoy the presence of Santa Claus and the coach of the Blues to spend an unforgettable moment.
This Wednesday, at Monte-Carlo Bay, took place the Christmas of the association “Friends of Lebanon”. The coach of the Blues, who is the godfather, has made many happy because of his presence.

In the distance, a fat man with a white beard and dressed in red runs across the corridor and cries of joy escape from one of the many rooms of Monte Carlo Bay.

And the least we can say is that young and old, girls or boys, all enjoyed this moment that takes place only once a year.


“It’s really great to see all these smiles on the faces of the children, that everyone is gathered for the Christmas of the association is a bit like a reward for me,” says Boubou Hallani, president of the association.

Makeup, football and signings

Santa Claus made the youngest dream, while the older ones had eyes only for the “two stars” godfather of the Friends of Lebanon, Didier Deschamps. He wore a T-shirt for colours of the association he has supported since its creation in 2002.

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The 44 children present all received gifts. For boys balloons and t-shirts and for girls various gifts, such as board games, dolls, etc.

A makeup workshop had even been made available, while the boys, meanwhile, tapped the ball. A small football field was specially set up for the occasion.

Photo Michael Alesi and Cyril Dodergny

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This is the third time Alan Granger meets Didier Deschamps. And yet, each time, it is always with a certain excitement that it goes against the double world champion.

“I’m very happy for sure, and he’s really nice. I even took the official schedule of the Team de France to sign it for me,” says the little boy. And the pleasure is shared.

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“It’s a pleasure for me”

I have been supporting this association for a long time, and it is always a pleasure to share this moment with the children and especially to give them a smile. It’s a relationship of friendship that I have with Boubou Hallani. She knows that she can count on me.” 

On the edge of the field, parents were in awe and did not fail to tease the coach.

“It will be necessary to think of him later for the Team de France,” jokes one of the dads to Didier Deschamps. In the evening, the donors, as well as the many volunteers of the association, gathered again for a gala.

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“All this is for them, and tonight we have prepared for them an exceptional evening. There will be a DJ, the young pianist Stella Almondo will play, we decided to stay in a very childish universe”. And after all, Christmas is also and especially for children, no?