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5 things to know before switching from TV to all-digital (free) in Monaco

As of 25th March, the free universal television service of 18 channels will stop. Only digital service will remain (also free) with its 80 channels.

Since April 2016, the free digital television service offers households in the Principality the possibility of free access to more than 80 French and international television channels, including a good portion in high definition. The service of yesteryear called “free universal television” and its 18 channels will disappear permanently on 25th March.

Below is the explanation the transition and what to do.

1. Why does it change?

It is primarily to standardise the experience of television in the Principality. France has already made this change for several years.

“We wanted to allow time for the television set to be compatible and that people take the time to renew theirs,” says Christophe Pierre, head of the Digital Use Development Department.

2. If your tv is connected to a Monaco telecom tv box

Then, no modification or parameterisation is to be made. Nothing changes for you.

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3. If your tv is not connected to this box

If your television is directly connected to a wall outlet, it is necessary to check that you are in the correct reception mode.

Once the network disappears, the channels will go out gradually. During peak viewing hours, from noon to 2 pm and from 6 pm to 8 pm, an information banner or a chart on certain channels will appear; you will then have to make settings.

Two scenarios are available to you:

If your TV is compatible with DVB-C (cable) format you need to search (manual or automatic) channels in DVB-C mode to switch to free digital service.

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If your television is not, you can equip yourself with:

  • A DVB-C decoder that Monaco Telecom sells in its shops at a price of 49 euros
  • A DVB-C compatible TV
  • Monaco Telecom box.
4. An accompanying program for some people

“We also did a specific support program for so-called sensitive populations, eligible for a certain number of allowances and aids, whether communal or governmental via the Department of Social Affairs and Health,” says Christophe Pierre.

“All these beneficiaries received a letter informing them of this change and that the government offered them this decoder and Monaco Telecom the installation so that the person concerned could find his social means of access to the information, especially elderly or disabled people.”

The Monegasque operator has installed 500 free decoders for a quarter.

5. What is the schedule for the extinction of the channels?

Little by little, the 18 channels of the free universal television service disappear for total extinction, it was said, on March 25th. “It started a year ago with channels with lower audiences. This is now attacking the bulk of the basket,” continues Christophe Pierre.

Thus, on 14th January, it will be the turn of France 4. Then M6 (28th January), BFM / TMC (11th February), Arte (25th February), France 3 / France 2 (11th March) and TF1 / Monaco Info on 25th March to finish. Do not worry, these are channels that you will find on the other service since the settings will be recorded.

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