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Boris Cyrulnik will speak on “Education and Resilience” on 9th January

Professor Boris Cyrulnik, author of numerous books on neuropsychiatry.
As part of the cycle of lectures proposed by the Erasmus + co-education program, led by Professor Boris Cyrulnik, will hold a conference on “Education and resilience”. It will be held on Wednesday 9th January at 19.00 at the new Center Prince Jacques.

A conference animated by one of the most eminent French intellectuals, neurologist, psychiatrist, ethologist and psychoanalyst, known among others for having developed the concept of resilience – or how to be reborn from his suffering.


The educational question being of course at the heart of his research, this brilliant scientist, Director of studies at the University of Toulon, author of many books on neuropsychiatry, devotes his life to the popularisation of his knowledge thanks to his books.

Huge successes sold to millions of copies including “A wonderful misfortune”, “The ugly duckling”, “The wounded souls” or “Psychotherapy of God” and “Drunkard paradise, heroic happiness”, among the most Recent.

Media man, his look and his analysis are very solicited. Raised to the rank of officer of the Legion of Honor, he is also president of the centre of creation and cultural diffusion of Chateauvallon, President of the Annie-and-Charles-Corrin Prize on the memory of the Shoah, participated in the commission Attali.

“Pope” of resilience, he knows what he is talking about, he who, at the age of 6, escapes a raid and loses his parents deported to Auschwitz.

Throughout his work, he relies on the tragedy of his childhood to explore this “psychological mystery” that allowed him, as to other young people immersed in their childhood dramas, to return to life ÔÇö resilience, the theme of this first conference proposed at the Beausoleil Cultural Center. An early evening without any doubt exciting.

Lecture by Noris Cyrulnik
Wednesday, January 9 at 7 pm, at the Prince Jacques Cultural Center – 6/8 avenue du General-de-Gaulle.
Free admission on reservation.
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