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Celebration of the Sainte Devote on 26 January-Restrictions to Public access

As part of the celebrations of the Sainte Devote, Saturday, January 26, 2019, various measures of organisation and security will be stopped in terms of public access to the areas of the festivities (Procession Quai des Etats-Unis – Place Sainte Devote).

Public access from 18h00

  • For those wishing to join the procession that will depart from the US wharf, two checkpoints (with visual checks of bags and containers) will be set up:
  1. At the turn of the tobacconist’s office – the road to the pool,
  2. At President JF Kennedy Avenue / Pool Road near the Procession.
  • For those wishing to go to Place Sainte Devote, three checkpoints (with visual checks of bags and containers) will be set up:
  1. At the bottom of Ostend Avenue – upstream lane
  2. Grimaldi Street, at the entrance to the Sainte Devote Gallery
  3. Grimaldi street at the bus stop for VIP access

The attention of passengers at the train station is drawn to the closure of the Sainte-Devote valley to pedestrian traffic from 17:30. To reach or leave the station at Sainte Devote, take the Sainte-Devote Gallery.
For information, the stairs of Sainte Devote will be closed from 17:30.


Practical Circulation Provisions

  • From 17h30 to 19h15, the road of the swimming pool will be closed to the circulation except for the portion between “La Rascasse” and the jetty Jules SOCCAL
  • At 18:40 – 18:55, during the passage of the Quai des Etats-Unis procession towards Sainte Devote Place, traffic will be momentarily interrupted on the avenues of President JF Kennedy and Ostend to allow participants to pass safely.

Concerning urban (lines 1-2 and 6) and interurban (lines no.100 and 110), slight delays will be expected when the planned procession passes between 18.40 and 19.00.

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In the case of public car parks, information will be given to users (posters affixed to park access points) by the service concerned.

The Administration thanks the road users for taking the necessary measures to avoid, especially during the time slot 18: 40-19: 00, the area between the Sainte Devote Church and Avenue du President JF Kennedy (at the “Pattaya”). They also apologise in advance for the inconvenience caused by these festivities.