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Monaco has the world’s highest fuel prices


The Principality of Monaco, host to a myriad of automobile lovers, has just revealed a dark side. It is the most expensive place in the world to fill these automotive beauties up with diesel or gasoline. That’s right, Monaco officially has the world’s highest fuel prices.

Though the French Yellow Vest Movement is well underway, most protestors probably did not consider the price of fuel in the Principality of Monaco as a priority issue. From the latest reports, however, Monegasques could have used a bit of a break on gas prices. At the beginning of this week the average price of a liter of diesel fuel traded at 1.69 € outstripping the next closest price (Norway at 1.58€/liter) by nearly 7%. This information comes from the official international fuel index on

Taken in context, most residents of the Principality (not all, but most) have the financial capacity to fill their automobile’s gas tank every day without worrying much about the impact on their purchasing power. They will certainly have to flex that power now as Monaco holds the record for the highest price per liter of diesel fuel in the world (excluding some difficult to reach territories and islands like Yeu).


The price of gasoline is not much more attractive with the price of a liter of unleaded averaging 1.75 €. This price point makes Monaco, at the beginning of 2019, the second most expensive country in the world just behind Hong Kong. Between the two prices, this news officializes Monaco as the most expensive place in the world to fill up your tank.