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Monegasque Sanitation Society: Yellow containers will soon replace blue

Since the beginning of the month, the Monegasque Sanitation Society has been operating once a week in the heart of the Principality. The goal? Transmitting the right reflexes in recycling.

Miniature bins, flyers, books, flashy colours, and even children’s games … The SMA put the odds on its side yesterday, at the traditional Condamine Market, to attract as many people as possible. Raising awareness about the importance of sorting is the primary goal for this small team. “We get a lot of people. We talk with people, we advise them,” says Marijana Pezelj, manager.

So where do you start when you want to embark on the adventure? It’s simple; you must first ask the right questions. “We always ask if the person is well equipped. If his residence has suitable containers, we check if it knows how to sort. And without containers, we take the necessary steps,” says Marijana Pezelj. Once contact is established, coaching and education are essential for good habits to continue.


Refuse, Recycle, Reduce, Reuse and Return to Earth are the five basic rules for any self-respecting rebreather. The manager gives us some good advice: “We can refuse plastic lids for example, properly recycle, reduce by buying in bulk, reuse our packaging and especially, composting”.

And for those who have trouble, they are reassured: next month, the blue container disappears to give more room to his friend the yellow, which can accommodate pots of cream, yogurt and even plastic bags — a unique advance in the Principality. So, no more excuses for not going there!