A new trade union for trade employees created in Monaco

Jean-Marc Eit, Treasurer of the SEOCM, Cédrick Lanari, President of the F2SM, Vera Mendes, Secretary General of the SEOCM, and Hubert Dupont-Sonneville, Communication Manager of the F2SM
Two employees created a new union affiliated with the Federation of Monaco Employees’ Unions (F2SM). A representation to respond to those who do not find themselves in the current union offer.

“We did not find ourselves in the unions’ speech,” says 31-year-old Vera Mendes, hostess, and Jean-Marc Eit, 52, a versatile salesman, both employees of a large Monegasque hypermarket.

So, they created their union, the SEOCM, for Trade Union of Employees and Trade Workers of Monaco, of which they became respectively Secretary General and Treasurer.

An F2SM-affiliated union, chaired by Cédrick Lanari, who rejoices: “They have lots of ideas, and that’s good since they have access to mandatory annual negotiations!”


These ideas are translated into “propositions” and not claims. A semantic precision that is important: “We are an apolitical union, not dogmatic, and we are rather in the discussion and the construction, more than in the contestation.”

This approach, according to the F2SM, has already paid off for other affiliated unions, which have obtained, among other things, an additional bonus for executives who agree to work on Sunday.

It is therefore in the discussion that the SEOCM hopes, during the annual negotiations of the hypermarket, to obtain a salary increase, a grid of annual bonuses with a floor, the setting up of a commission of reflection on the accompaniment and the calculation of retirement, or a bonus of 50 euros for those who work more than five Sundays in the year.

Because this union is not opposed to work on Sunday: “We are many in the company not to be opposed. We are paid double with recovery or paid triple without recovery. That’s a lot of money, and it’s an interesting opportunity as long as it’s punctual and voluntary,” says Vera Mendes.

If they refuse to communicate on the number of members, they assure to have been approached by many employees, also interested in this moderate approach. Another voice that intends to make itself heard in the social landscape of the Principality.