Roca Team: Sasa Obradovic still not officially on the bench!

Sasa Obradovic not on the bench
Sasa Obradovic not on the bench

The National Basketball League (LNB) has still not approved the contract of Sasa Obradovic. Meanwhile, the new coach of the Roca Team has been managing his team from the rafters.

Recently signed to replace Filipovski, the Monaco coach Sasa Obradovic saw his team come away victorious against Limoges (85-73). He had a prime seat to watch the match from… the stands of the Beaublancstadium. Due to his unsanctioned presence, Limoges has threatened to file an appeal for the match since the new coach appears to have delivered instructions to the Roca Team.

A tricky situation


In his first match, a home victory against Cholet, he was not able to take his seat on the Red and White bench. A ubiquitous situation that can be explained by a problem of equivocating his trainer’s diploma. Because of the issue, the National Commission for Equivalence of Diplomas, which is managed by the Ministry of Sports, met on Tuesday, March 5th. Thirty files were on the commissioner’s table, which is unfortunate for Sasa Obradovic whose case was filed with the competent authorities on February 25th as his┬áfile was last in the pile. As such, the Commission did not have time to validate it. Thus, the Serb is still not allowed to officially coach.

According to information from RMC, the next commission will be held on Monday, April 8th. That is after the next 3 games of Jeep Elite and another one in the Coupe de France competition… Four more games for which Obradovic will still be stuck in the stands. But Monaco does not want to take any chances. The former Krasnodar is ready to wait, the coach who┬á“has the ambition to get involved in the long term,” as he said when signing.

*Article originally published on the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.